Travel drama

I took a trip with 2 cousins. We’ve traveled together numerous times as well as being in a relatively close relationship for our entire lives. During the vacation, I had thoughts about their behavior which led me to the emotion of feeling hurt. I did what seemed like a perfectly logical thing to do in the moment and flew home in the middle of the vacation. There were no harsh words I just left while they were sightseeing. Regardless of what their intent was, I know that I’m the one that made their actions mean anything. I’ve since made numerous overtures to repair the relationship. It’s been almost 2 years and I’m still being given a cold shoulder. Our relationship is so much bigger than that one moment yet that is how it’s now being defined for them.

I have done what can be done to mend fences including flat out apologizing without putting any blame on their behavior. But it has not had any effect.

I want to move on. But it nags at me. I feel good about how I’ve handled it. So I think the main thing that’s sticking with me is the idea of someone out there hating me. I’ve heard Brooke coach on such thoughts and I’ve listened to podcasts about Other Peoples Opinion etc. I’ve also done models on it.

C J & G no longer communicate with me
T I don’t deserve being shut out over a small moment in a lifetime relationship
F Anger (used to be sad)
A Remain aware of their disregard for me
R Waste of time

C J & G no longer communicate with me
T I’ve attempted to right my wrong and they aren’t accepting but that’s okay
F Accepting
A Stop obsessing over it

I can put intentional thoughts such as this in the T line. But I’m not really buying them. Any thoughts?