Traveling with my husband

When I travel with my husband he always is looking for cheap deals and this puts me in a scarcity mindset. I can’t enjoy my vacation because I’m angry that we have put ourselves in the category of not successful or not deserving. My husband has different values than I do. I would rather spend money on nice hotels and vacations and save the rest of the year. I want to feel luxurious on my vacations and I do feel I am worthy of nice hotels. I deserve it.

We are now booked into a luxury hotel, but he got the cheapest room and it was a “deal.” The room is tiny and we are with our kids. In his mind, he likes doing things on the cheap and he feels he is giving me what I want, which is sweet. Yet, I can’t seem to appreciate any of it . The whole trip gets tainted for me and I go into my vacation feeling less than and miserable. I might as well be staying in budget hotel. It doesn’t matter. It’s the same feeling! I want to feel appreciative, worthy and be able to enjoy the nice hotel.