My husband and I are in marriage therapy. There was a situation that happened that caused upheaval. My thought I guess. His daughter refuses to have a relationship with me and he went there today. I managed my mind and kept saying to myself that he is an adult. He gets to do what he wants. As this has been fresh, I did not ask any questions about the visit as I am still nursing the pain and feeling rejected.

I know not everyone likes the peach etc but he started talking about his visit and how his daughter was reaching out to my kids and reaching out to my son in law. It just made me feel so rejected. I know I own it. I started to cry and left the room. He did nothing wrong. But we were supposed to keep things neutral in between therapy. I just am not ready to hear about how I am not part of the family circle any more and I am having a hard time seeing how this will work. I know I own my reaction but am struggling knowing that this could one of the reasons we will not make it.
How do you start to get over people not wanting you? I find it so hard to feel rejected. I love myself. I have my back but I can be so easily affected by feeling left out.