Trouble making weightloss goal measurable & believeable.

Hi Brooke-

I am on my 3rd week implementing my new food protocol of no sugar, no flour & intermittent fasting. I’m doing this more for overcoming my food buffering vs. weight loss. That said, I figure I might as well evolve into the next version of myself w/o the extra pounds. I’ve committed to going all in & made weight loss a “do goal”. I am having a hard time b/c 1) I am more interested in achieving particular measurements vs. a number on the scale. 2) I have no idea what is a realistic time frame to change hip/waist measurements is when setting smaller goals/tracking progress. 3) I’ve learned that my weight will be higher on the scale than I appear in my clothes. So I have a hard time believing I can actually achieve the goal number I put down as a dream (can I really blow my own damn mind or genetically there is only so far I can healthfully go). For reference: I’m genetically muscular by build, but also do yoga/pilates 6 xs a week so I have more lean mass on me than the average woman.

Thoughts on where to go with this & how to progress? I feel like right now I’m just defining the goal by whether or not I follow the protocol & “look better” vs. a specific timetable of measurable goals being met like you talk about having for “do goals”. Problem is I know this solution won’t get me the best results.