#Trust in Other People/People Pleasing

OMG I ran a model last night and opened Pandora´s box… I thought, that I had this People Pleasing Thing under control… but then I found out, that I didn’t trust other people. It’s a kind of “they need me to fill their time”, “they feel boring when I’m not there” and so on.

In this week my boyfriend and I had a technical issue – we tried to fix it until my father in law visit us.
This Technical Thing was running a while and my father in law decided to wait outside.
In this Time my brain FREAKED OUT!!! Wanna see?

C- Father in Law waiting Outside
T – We are so rude – what does he think? OMG poor guy has to wait for us… and so on
F – Guilty
A – Ask my Boyfriend how we could faster fix it – he was annoyed
R – Bad Mood between us (of course) 😀

One HOUR (OMG ONE HOUR – did I tell you how BAD I felt in this moment ? :D) later we go outside and I see my father in law in a restaurant behind the street – drinking and small talking. Absolutely relaxed.

It was so bad and so good – All that was just THOUGHTS!!!
Now I discover my black spot and a lot of moments with the same Problem – People Pleasing.

Could you tell me please which work I have to do?
How to feel better in SCS – and what else?
Which Podcast?
Which alternative thought I could use?

Thank you all so much!
This moment was so valuable for me – I SEE HOW GOOD THIS WORK IS <3