Trust yourself!

Hi Brooke my friend 🙂
I’ve lost 20 lbs since joining SCS 1/1/17. I’m about five pounds over what I want to weigh (I never knew I could be this thin again.) What I’ve noticed is I concentrated my thoughts on food before, e.g. I’m a mess with food, I can’t trust myself with food etc. I’ve cleaned this up quite a bit.

What I’ve noticed that the thoughts are closer to me. I’m a mess or I don’t trust me (period…forget the food. I think food was just a physical expression of the thought?) With the model I’ve come to see these are just thoughts and sometimes they still “frighten” me and I don’t have to mean anything and I can handle uncomfortabe thoughts. Yesterday I practiced the thought, “I trust myself” all day long and it felt really good.

Today when I read the June homework I was thrilled to see your definition of self-confidence includes trusting yourself. It felt like a nod from the universe since I was already practicing the thought I trust myself. This morning I wrote down the evidence of why I can trust myself. There was NO evidence that I can’t trust myself other than the thought! AMAZING.

I so want more of this. I’ve committed to doing a dare everyday – even though I have a repetitive voice in my head that says, ” don’t bring attention to yourself ever, hide in the cave!”. This is really fabulous and I’m scared and I can handle that emotion.

Lastly, I loved SCS Podcast Live and can’t wait to do more of them. The energy is awesome and I love the “tribe”. So much respect, appreciation and joy because of your work.

PS Love Wayne Dyer – glad we’re studying him this month.