Trying to control people at work

I’m on track to becoming a partner but at the moment I’m just an employee. The other employees are disgruntled with management. There are personal issues between them and they are all trying to leave. They all blame all the problems on the bosses wife who is also employed with us.
She is known to be difficult and I did my homework on her in the relationship month and came to relative peace with her ways.
But I still get sucked into gossip sessions at work. And I’m really worried about losing good, hard to replace colleagues.
So I find myself spending big portions of my free time stewing over what i should do or what she shouldn’t do.
I think the thought ‘i need to fix this’ is painful and exhausting me.
C resignations
T I have to do something
F anxious
A stew worry judge
R do nothing constructive. Do less good work

C resignations
T I don’t know what to do
F fear
A focus on problems
R still don’t know what to do

C bosses wife
T she should be different
F self righteous
A join in gossip
R make things worse

Think I might see some sense here..

So better thoughts would be

I don’t have to do anything (really?)
I can work on my thoughts
I don’t have to know what to do
I should be different (stop gossiping and judging)

But what do I do when people around me are complaining and talking about leaving?