Trying To Understand My Brain’s Reaction

Hi Brooke,

I have worked the past eight months and completed my very first novel. After fearing writing and buffering for five years prior to that, I finally wrote it, and I am now preparing its proposal.
I saw that That Screenwriter also wrote about completing her script, and for me too that moment was quiet, just me in my own apartment with no agent or audience who know about it, but I felt a huge sense of pride.

And for some reason, the last three weeks, I have been scheduling to work on the book proposal and find myself going to a cafe every morning, eating flour and sugar, while I used to fast and not have those before that.

I’ve gained some weight on those weeks, I feel lethargic physically from the insulin spike, and utterly unfocused on my proposal.

What I am trying to do now is understand. What is it that makes my brain do that when:

A) This is not how I’ve been eating for more than a year
B) I’ve just made myself so proud with completing this novel.

I was wondering if you can advise why would such huge accomplishment, that clearly has been now finally achieved, will cause this behavior?