AM: Trying to use model to get UNSTUCK.

I joined in August-long time listener- I’m stuck and not doing the work. So today I sat down and did some models. And I see an area you can help me with.
C-my body
T- I deserve the body I desire- I wish I had the body I desire.
F- (This surprised me) Entitled and hopeful (neither very motivating)
A- not doing the work- stuck
changed it to
A- my body
T- I work hard to get the things I want
A- carve out time to do work- calendar it
R- move forward
BUT I also have these thoughts

C-my body
T- I’m too busy to do this right now
F- Overwhelmed, anxious
A- procrastinate, don’t do work
R- stuck
so I tried this out
C-my body
T I can put ME first for a change
F (this is what surprised me) Indulgent and guilty – eye opener
A- don’t make time to do work- volunteer- clean house- do laundry
R- stay stuck
So how about some ideas on thoughts that make it GREAT to put myself first
THANKS- also I am not taking advantage of all the help here and keep trying to figure it out on my own. Also I want all the results yesterday-