two goals this month – how do I choose?

This is my 6 month in scholars and I love it. I found summer of 2018 Brooke while Googling questions about drinking. I totally related to her overdrinking videos – it was like she was in my brain (lol). I became a huge fan of her Podcasts and have listened to every one – they have changed my life in many ways. I joined an on-line coaching cert. school aug. 2018 and completed it last month. (disclaimer – I quickly realized I should have joined The Life School – my goal is to join by spring 2020). I signed my first paying client in august and am loving it .
Although I found Brooke through looking for answers to help stop drinking – I AM STILL DRINKING. My drinking life was just like Brooke describes. I played a game with myself in july and challenged myself to stop for 30 days – I went two weeks without drinking and felt great. Then…..Anywho! I am struggling with setting my goal this month. I feel like I need to make my goal to not drink for a month – but am confused whether that is my brain judging me – for “failing in September”. I keep having thoughts such as “you need to do this”, “drinking is why you joined scholars and you are still drinking”……..and loads of other thoughts. Totaly brain spin. Thinking about this goal I feel condemnation and dread. Don’t even know where to start to put it in the model.

The other goal I’d like to accomplish is to sign three more clients in September. I want to join Stacy Boehmans 2k for 2k. I feel excited about this goal because it is in line with my bigger goal which is to make 100k by Jan. 2021 (well that’s kinda a goal in my brain -not on paper yet). This goal I feel super excited and want to jump all in.

I need help here – can I have two goals for September because I do feel like I have a great deal of growth waiting for me as I learn to stop buffering with drinking.