Uncertain about why I’m feeling so much anxiety

In the past week, I’ve not been feeling great for a few months. I finally went to the doctor last Monday and was given a preliminary diagnosis of a chronic incurable condition. The standard treatment controls symptoms with a medication that has side effects that I’m not comfortable with. After some research, I found that some people have been able to reverse symptoms through a no sugar, no gluten, no alcohol diet. So, I abruptly changed my diet overnight. I don’t have a weight problem and generally eat a very healthy part-time vegetarian diet so this diet isn’t a huge change. However, over the past two months, I’ve been tired a lot. I have been drinking 1-2 sodas most days to get me through the afternoon energy slump.

Since then I’ve been paying extra close attention to my feelings and thoughts. I’ve noticed that I’ve been feeling a low level anxiety almost constantly for the past 3-4 days. Sometimes I can identify what I was thinking when I started feeling the anxiety. But at other times I can’t identify anything. I know sugar and alcohol can act on neurotransmitters. Is it possible that some of the feelings of anxiety are just the chemicals in my brain adjusting to the new diet? Have you or clients in your overeating course had this type of reaction to cutting out sugar abruptly?

P.S. Overall, the change to this diet has been much easier than I would have expected. Change really is easy when the compelling reason is strong enough! I went back and listened to the compelling reason podcast and re-did the homework. I’m feeling much more focused on my main goals for this year now that I’ve redefined my compelling reason and thought about my competing desires. This health issue really helped me understand that lesson better.