Uncomfortable emotions list

Hi Brooke,
I really appreciate this month’s work because up until a few years ago, I was utterly convinced I didn’t have any emotions. I now know I was SO wrong. So I’ve drawn up a list of the uncomfortable emotions I discover in November to get used to them and I’m trying to find the sentences behind them. This work is really helping me, although I’m not always sure of the labels or the sentences. What do you think of them?
Sadness – that was good, now it’s over and it will never be the same again.
Regret – and yet I knew I shouldn’t have.
Discomfort – I don’t like that and I want it to end right now.
Boredom – I have nothing to do, it’s not ok, I feel useless.
Anger – what do you mean, no?!
Shame – I’m all alone against the whole world because I don’t fit in.
Impatience – it has to be faster.
Guilt – It’s my fault.
Anxiety – what if I could never make it?
Frustration – it’s not working, I’d like it to be different. I’d like to reach my goal. I want to meet my desire and it’s not happening.
Apathy, intertia – I don’t want to change what I’m doing, I don’t feel like trying something else.
Fear – it’s going to hurt me.
Desire – I want it, and then some more.
Terror – it can only end in a terrible way.
Overwhelmed – I’ll never be able to do everything! I’ve got too much to do. I don’t know where to start. I don’t know how I’ll manage.
Disappointment – it’s not what I expected. It doesn’t match my expectations.
Jealousy – why can others have it and not me?
Exclusion, injustice – It’s not fair!
Defeat – it’s hopeless, I have to start all over again, I’ll never make it.
Doubt, confusion : I’m not sure, I don’t know…
Hurt – I was vulnerable and it’s painful now.
Courage – I welcome fear to overcome it.
Emptiness – I’m not feeling anything.
Useless – I have no purpose, it’s useless.
Stuck – nothing changes, nothing progressses, there’s no evolution whatsoever.
Irritation – again?! But I’ve already dealt with that!
Despair – there’s nothing to do, it won’t ever change, I’ll never make it.
Worry – What if everything went wrong?
Embarrassment – I can’t be completely myself with others, I can’t be authentic in public because I’m not likable.
Vulnerable – I can be hurt and I’m ready for it.
Stubborn – no, there’s no way I’m going to do it differently.
Resigned – all right, I’ll do it… but not willingly.
Self-diffident – I’m not sure I can do it.
Modest – it’s nothing, it’s not important, it’s only me, don’t pay attention.
Nostalgic – it was better before.
Arrogance – I create the whole world.
Upset – this is not what I want.
Hope – I’d like external forces to create the best possible situation.
Too much – I don’t want to think, I just want to forget, relax, disconnect.
Panic – I’m completely unable to manage that, it’s totally out of my reach.
There! I find it quite a fascinating exercise! Now I’ll try to focus on the effects these thoughts and emotions have on my body because I haven’t got a very clear idea yet. But being aware of them is already so much better than feeling like I’m in chaos!
Have a great day!