Uncomfortable Emotions

Hi Brooke – this is my sixth month in SCS and I’m still loving it! I did coaching with Suzy in April and May which was super helpful, too.

I think I already risk failure and rejection, etc. on a regular basis. Public speaking, asking clients for money, learning new skills, not being able to make my 2 year old happy, etc. All of this is part of my life and it is uncomfortable but I can also see where it has really built my confidence.

When I think about the feelings I’m most afraid of, I think there might be some others that get me…
Fear of feeling empty
Fear of feeling bored
Fear of feeling unexceptional
Fear of feeling unneeded

Would these be good fears to work on this month? To dare myself to feel? They are very unglamorous but I’m feeling drawn to it. Can’t tell if it is authentic or if I’m just trying to avoid doing “bigger” dares.