Uncomfortable at goal weight


I am a 45 year old male that has been overweight much of my adult life. I believe that I stopped dreaming once I achieved all the things I set out to do in life and am very happy to be dreaming again in SCS!

Three years ago I got to my goal weight after enrolling in a program offered by the hospital system I work for and was shocked to find that I was incredibly uncomfortable at that weight. Just as uncomfortable as I was when I was overweight. It was terrifying because I was uncomfortable at goal weight but certainly didn’t want to go back to overweight either. I changed my actions and results for a short time but because I didn’t recognize my buried thoughts, the weight came back and then some.

I knew I was missing something and that’s when I found you. I am back on track and losing again using the tools from SCS and the model and wondered if you had any tips on how I can better be prepared to handle success this time around.


PS. Where are all the guys? I plan to take over the world with this stuff and the guys are missing out!!!