underearning: which program to start with?

Can you help me with creating a SCS strategy to address *underearning* as my primary focus? I joined 4 days ago and don’t yet have access to the monthly materials or calls. I have listened to a number of podcasts, watched the intro videos, and read the Coaching 101 book.

I have started a morning routine of 5 minutes of thought downloads, followed by doing a model. But I’d like to start delving into some specific programs and could use advice on which one to start with.

At 51, underearning has been a life-long issue. I have a boatload of excuses including ADHD, a difficult husband with health problems, shared custody with narcissistic ex-husband, difficult kids (teens now), lots of family dysfunction, bad career choices, etc.

But I need to figure out how to support myself and earn enough to help my teens launch into adulthood in the coming years. My challenges have been around:

* procrastination
* buffering (mostly Facebook groups and lots of passive action, with some overeating and alcohol on the side)
* not honouring my calendar commitments to myself (especially with “adulting” like paperwork, bills, etc., paid work, and developing my business)
* low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence
* being stuck in a support role in the lives of my husband, my kids and even my ex-husband
* anxiety & depression

Since 2003 when I had my kids, I’ve had a consulting business that I worked on part-time, but it tanked due to changes in the local industry (my specialty is very technical and regionally-based).

I have a new blog in the “home” niche, but unsure if it’s realistic to reach my $120K earning goal with this new business. I have a plan for developing my blog, but I’ve been struggling due to content creation due to being really really slow at it (writing a draft post takes me hours and hours), and procrastination/buffering.