Hi Coaches,

Been trying to wrap my mind around the concept of underearning.

Do i understand it right that underearning is defined by your desire to earn more and your capability to earn more? If i put myself into it, i do have the desire to earn more. But my concern is on the believing that i am capable of earning more. Currently, i do not believe that i can earn more or that i deserve to earn more. My belief is that just do my best in my job and it is up to the management if they see value in it and if they want to give me a raise. I do want to do my best in my job to and provide value to the company (and i believe im doing it already). But im currently thinking that im doing it because i want to and not because of any monetary value it can bring to me. Does this mean that i am not an underearner?

Also, what does it mean to “enable underearning”? Like that borrowing or taking a loan enables underearning?

Thanks so much on your insight coaches!