"Unhappy with job hours" post – why so relative??

I read the “Unhappy with job hours” post from another Scholar and have a question about that. Although this was not my question, I really struggled with the answer. I felt a lot of resistance to concepts like: “The job hours are neutral” and “Love this job before you leave it”

I think that’s because lately I’ve been questioning if I use Scholars / coaching to suppress my feelings. How can everything be so relative (i.e., it’s just what we think about it and can change this anytime)? If that were true, why do I find certain bosses easier to work for, certain situations better opportunities, etc. in my own life? I mean, I don’t think it’s just our thoughts controlling how much our boss likes us or not, for example. Maybe they just don’t like us, and we can’t control that. Or maybe they do just like us, and we can’t control that. Maybe one department at work has more opportunities, maybe one pays better, maybe there’s one where you’ll work overtime because of how it’s managed. Should we really be brainwashing ourselves that our external reality is the result of our own minds? That seems like it could be used to justify anything.

I’m sorry if this question comes off as rude or flippant, but I’m just trying to understand better. I’ve noticed this is a sticking point for me a lot with coaching.