Unique & Interesting Position

I find myself in a new, unique and interesting position:

I hired a screenwriting coach to work with me on writing a new screenplay from idea to a finished and polished draft.

I have complete faith in his knowledge and insight and am very happy and grateful I found him and am able to afford him.

We had few calls where we reviewed few ideas I have and he shot them down one by one.
He did not say, ‘Don’t do this,’ but rather asked many questions and presented the weak spots and made the conclusion that the idea as it is presented to him now, is not viable or ready.

Yesterday we had another call and he stopped at some point and said, ‘Do you notice that you are trying to convince me why your idea IS worthy and why the market SHOULD like it?’
And I responded that the ideas I have are meaningful to me so I try to sell him on them by talking him into understanding my point of view.

At the end of our work together I want to come out with a great screenplay to showcase my talent and I fully trust in his wisdom, however when I hear his “negative” comments on my ideas, I find that it’s like I’m hearing my lower brain (or someone’s lower brain) just trying to shoot down anything, so I get into action and “coach” that brain back.

I asked myself today if I should trust him blindly, go with his suggestions, and change what he thinks doesn’t work, or should I go with my intuition.
As long as I perceive his suggestions as a lower brain suggestions, he will not have a chance of coaching me.
And I do believe ultimately he wants me to succeed. He wants me to write the next best piece. But it could also be that we differ with our opinions on stories and what we like or don’t.

On the other hand perhaps what’s going on is that MY lower brain doesn’t like the criticism and the fact that it creates extra work of going back to the drawing board and rethink these ideas and that’s why it creates this confusion for me.

The two main models I am running are these:

C: Coach questions my ideas
T: If I will just explain myself better, he will see how valuable my idea is
F: Persistent, Insisting
A: Write lengthy emails to him to explain my point of view, trying to convince him to help me write MY idea
R: He still doesn’t see how valuable my idea is (?)

C: Coach questions my ideas
T: I think my brain doesn’t like the fact that the ideas I came up with are not there yet and that there’s more work to do so it urges me to keep explaining myself to the coach so he will be convinced.
F: Calm, Understanding (of myself)
A: Get to work, implement his notes, trust his knowledge, and rewrite these ideas
R: I go back to him with new ideas, I learn how to work with a coach, and perhaps my craft will get better

Would love your take on what’s going on for me TRULY.