Unreasonable Expectations 2

Thank you for your insights and questions. I was having trouble seeing things clearly.

Unintentional Model:
C- Brooke coaching in Scholars
T- She’s never going to pick me.
F – Rejected
A- not using the coaching resources as much as I can/should
Indulging in poor me thinking
Scarcity mindset – showing up as focusing all my attention on the “lack” of coaching by Brooke rather than the abundance of coaching and other resources in SCS. Also, I have literally held onto problems rather than get coached on them in my 20 minute sessions so I would I would have a “good” topic for Brooke.
I’m giving my power away by what I make getting coached by Brooke mean. Oh my goodness. I’m making it mean that if I get coached by Brooke I’m worthy. If I don’t get coached by Brooke I’m NOT worthy. Looks like I have some work to do.
R – I reject the possibility of growth outside Brooke in scholars

Intentional Model
C- Brooke coaching in Scholars.
T – God is going to give me the exact lessons I need to grow both inside Scholars and in life.
F – Worthy
A – practice the thought – I’m worthy
Practice the question – What can I learn here?
Make decisions from a place of abundance. Look for evidence that I’m worthy. Look for evidence of abundance. Purposeful decisions on what to work on within Scholars.
R – I embrace growth from a place of abundance.