Unwanted emotions that need to be allowed

Hey! I’d love some clarification on my November work! I did my thought download and chose to look at the thought “I should look impressive at the Cotillion over Thanksgiving”. Ok….I realize that on many levels that thought leads to results that I do not want in my life.

Unintentional model:
C: Cotillion
T: I should look impressive.
F: Fear, shame, frustration, obligation, resistance
A: I look for a gown online but I do not actually go and purchase one. I dread going to Georgia. I avoid making travel arrangements to be there. I seek comfort in sugar and Netflix. I start to make up stories about the Cotillion being a stupid, antiqued tradition. I criticize my husband and children for not being “appropriate” in their table manners.
R: I am pissed off at everyone. I eat Halloween candy and surf for a new show to watch.

C: Cotillion
T: I am super excited to see my friends and be there to see Mason escort Callie.
F: Excitement, adventure, confident, love and energy
A: I make the appointment to get a dress knowing that seeing my friends and family is the focus. I actually pick up the phone to call my friends to let them know that I’ll be in town for the Cotillion.
R: I am beautiful for the Cotillion because I am radiating love.

I want to feel excitement, adventure, confidence, love and energy because they feel authentic to me. I feel beautiful when I feel them.
Indulgent feelings are: shame (keeps me stuck and isolated) and obligation (fuels my avoidance to getting a dress)
Unwanted but need to allow: Resistance…fear….and frustration. I need to allow these feelings because in resisting them I seek out food and Netflix.

Can resistance, fear and/or frustration be useful because they force me to look at my thoughts? Or is it not about seeing them as useful…its about just noticing them and not reacting to them. Describe them to the martian or surrounding them in peace and letting them float away?

Hmmm…I’m loving this work and I notice that the more SPECIFIC I am the better. Thank you! Elizabeth