update and help Getting the little things done.

This week has been sort of a ‘re-boot’ for me. I’ve been paying more attention to how the things that I put in my body affect me. I really want to be able to feel all my feelings with out having to sift through feelings that are coming from outside sources. I stopped drinking – ish I have a sip or two of wine from my husbands glass, (I’m not even in your stop over drinking class 😛 – it was a natural progression of this work though). Last week I stopped drinking coffee and switched to tea. It’s SO fascinating to me how the deeper I get into this work the more I want to be present in myself to be able to get to the root of things.
Before I had a lot of anxiety during the day and I knew if was from coffee and had that niggling feeling since forever I should stop drinking it but felt like I still ‘needed’ it. I’m also now been more able to realise how often I want to be consuming something because I’m uncomfortable, and how often the thing I consume – other than water – is usually super unsatisfying. I’ve started to choose to be uncomfortable. I started to choose making time for myself first, or knowing when I need to slip off for a quiet moment to be able to be more present with others.

It’s left me a bit tired and I can feel myself sorting things out in my mind. I’m a bit behind on the work for scholars this week and some other things I want to do. I don’t really feel bad about it but I am wondering if I should be pushing myself more to accomplish more while I’m a bit tired and sorting things out. I know time doesn’t stop moving. The idea of pushing myself to do more makes me feel exhausted just from thinking about it, and the things aren’t even that strenuous to do. All the things I want to get done are those little ‘they aren’t that important but would be nice to do’ things that I could put off forever until ‘another day things.
I’m worried about over planning activities for myself really.
I guess I should go back to September’s work with planning and think to myself what would I rather be thinking about that pile of stuff still or have it done and then what I need to do to get it done…..I guess too the time I’ve been using to think about it it all could be done by now…
what do you do with these sorts of things? They aren’t pressing but they are also things that I want to get done. They are things like ‘repair clothing, clean up website, organise photos, find information for friend, unsubscribe from all list I don’t want emails from, email so-and-so a hello, create menu for dinner next Saturday.’ I could have them done fairly quickly but leave them as if they are something big to do.

thanks in advance.