Urge disappears when I notice it–am I doing this right?

Hi Brooke!
I am 32 pounds down – 15 to go! So happy with your Stop Overeating program. Question:

As soon as I notice an urge, I think, “That’s an urge! Notice it!” And then the urge disappears. I find myself staring at the food (or imagining it, if it isn’t in front of me) trying to recreate the urge so I can allow it. It feels very silly, like I’m crashing through a forest yelling for a rare bird to come back. Someone should make a movie of my brain–what a strange, funny ride that would be!

Anyway, is it normal for the urge to disappear, or am I doing something wrong? I am trying to allow and notice the urge pass through me but the second I notice it, it is gone.