I identify myself as an overspender, for sure. I’m working on being more conscious about it because in reality I don’t “need” a thing.Yesterday I received a message from the girl at the Louis Vuitton store showing me pictures of the new arrivals. I definitely do not NEED a new LV bag. I saw one that I thought was cute but didn’t absolutely LOVE. I think I was drawn to it more because it is limited and I won’t see it “coming and going.” I told her that I wasn’t sure about it and left it at that. THEN my brain went beserk the rest of the night. Instead of calling her, I took some time to process and do some models

C Client advisor sent me pics of new LV purse
T I want that!
F Needy
A Look at more pics of it online, justify the purchase to myself and my husband, keep focusing on the pic, show the pic to my BFF, ruminate about why THIS bag will be the be all end all bag
R Buy the bag

C Client advisor sent me pics of new LV purse
T It’s cute but I already have 3 of that style bag with different patterns/colors
F Mature
A Thank her for thinking of me, delete the pics, imagine myself having the money instead of the bag, remember how many I already have, remember how abundant I already am
R I keep my money and don’t buy a 4th of the same bag