Urges and what to do with them.

I have a question and need an explanation for what an urge is when it comes to overeating. Sometimes I get a thought and then get an urge physically in my body to eat something, usually something sweet satisfying. Other times I get a physical sensation and want to eat something and then try to figure out what thought I had that started this pattern sometimes identifying the thought and sometimes not. When you sit with the urge what are you suppose to “think” about or do? Just describing the physical sensation in your body? This leads to other thoughts. So do you 1) stay with an urge and just describe to yourself how this physically feels…maybe identify a feeling 2) sit with the urge and describe how it feels physically and then do a thought download? Or 3) determine the thought or feeling right away when you get an urge? What is the difference between hunger and an urge? Thanks coaches!