Using an "I already have achieved that" thought in the model for a 12 month content calendar

I have a question around using an “I already have that done” type thought in your T line.

In the money call today, Brooke talked about using models from a place of “we have already achieved that”. Which is awesome, until I come to writing the action lines. Because if I have already achieved that, why would my thoughts be . do this for step one. do this for step two. etc.

Here’s my model.
C Content
T I have my 12 months of value based content all planned out and I am ready to rock and roll!
F Excited (but I use excited ALL THE TIME!) what other emotions might fit here instead?
A 1. Keep coming up with creative new topics. 2. type them all into computer. 3. arrange in logical order and allocate months to them. 4 make notes on next steps for specific blog posts.
R 12 month content calendar all planned out

But if I truly believe the thought in the T line, why would I do the actions in the A line? Wouldn’t they already be done?

Maybe I need a different but similar T. I’m working hard to understand this, but it’s late and I should probably go to bed. I might be coming at this whole question from a grumpy frame of mind. thanks coaches for the incredible coaching you are giving us. Glad I asked though, every time I ask I get a better insight into this.