Using CTFAR to become the person I want to become

Hi there!!!!!

OK I’ve been going at this for almost 9 months, and it occurs to me I can use CTFAR to become the person I want to be.
– to develop the attributes I wish to have.

So for example, below are the results I want for the person I am to become. I am excited because I believe that if I am this person, I will create a beautiful life. These are not specific outcomes, these are specific attributes I want to nurture. This is an example, probably not complete 🙂 And, I can say I am this person now 🙂 by doing the things this person does.

result- to be a high level, optimistic, genius level thinker and doer, with great motivation, drive, love, perseverance, great staying power, funny, well-read, deeply cognizant of humanity and its systems and structures, fearless, mentally strong, emotionally managed, very clear on my intentions and purposes, very loving and very well loved, deeply engaged, very physically active, thin, fit and very youthful looking, stylish in my own way, tolerant, no manuals, a loving, thoughtful, fun, energetic lover, a reasonably good cook, and someone who readily attracts like minded individuals, and sustains healthy, authentic and fun relationships for a lifetime.

this is the person i want to be.

so, with this in mind, would you suggest breaking them down into many individual results and then determine the CTFA’s to go along with them?

I am so excited to bring such structure to who I am to become