Using the model for my relationship with my kids

I have 2 kids who are 10 and 5 yrs old. I run into the same issues with them every day and want to end it since it makes me feel very stressed and unsure about what I am doing as a mother. The challenge is they have trouble listening to and following simple instructions, are always late when getting ready for school and constantly forgetting their stuff. Whilst I do understand that there is huge component of young age and growth that is involved I feel like I am saying the same things everyday and they don’t even understand it. The twist in this plot is that both kids are always eager to be on time at school and are very upset if they are late/ if they forget their work. I frequently find myself thinking them that I don’t “get” my own children and this thought breaks my heart as a mom. I don’t understand how these girls can want all of the stuff to go right for them and not do the work that needs to go in?(OMG as I wrote this I realize that this is a lot of us adults even!!). Is this a boundary issue- not setting clear goals/expectations? is this a thought work related challenge? Help.