I am struggling with cognitive dissonance around being vegan. I was vegan for four years, and during that time was an animal activist. I believed passionately in being vegan, and believed I would remain vegan forever.

At the beginning of this year I decided to stop being vegan. I like my reasons for doing this, but I also like my reasons for being vegan. I love animals and so the thought of them suffering is very difficult for me to cope with. Saying that, I eat meat and dairy etc now, so I am contributing to this suffering.

Being vegan brings me peace as I’m thinking thoughts like “I am not contributing in the suffering of animals” but I no longer want to be vegan as I found it so limiting and difficult for many reasons.

But not being vegan leads to thoughts like “I am buying into an industry that hurts animals” which of course creates negative feelings.

Animals do suffer through factory farming, I know this factually as I’ve seen it first hand through my activism. To feel right about this emotionally I think I have to be vegan, as I can’t think thoughts I believe to support not being vegan.

But I don’t want to be vegan.  Argh!

Please help me sort this out?