Victimized vs victim


My question is:

Is there a difference in being victimized vs being a victim?

I feel I was victimized in my 30 year marriage. I was abused physically, mentally and emotionally. I don’t want to be a victim and with my strong personality have never felt like one. I joined scholars because you said, “do you want to be a victim or a victor?” I want be a victor and champion myself out of this. I am tired of therapy but needed it for the victimization. I am past wanting to die because of losing the life I once knew. I am starting to finally allow feeling the pain instead of numbing it out. Would I benefit from CBT to help me or do you think if I just work the program I will get there. This is my first month of scholars.

Things I have realized from your coaching:
I started over drinking to numb the pain…that resulted in weight gain and loss of self esteem which was already damaged from my divorce and broken family. I stayed way to long in the marriage because I can’t fail…I am a perfectionist.

I am gaining a great deal out of your program!

Thanks so much,