Visa Renewal – Thoughts to try on and Vulnerability

I’m going through the visa renewal process to stay in the US from Canada right now, and given the current political climate the published approval rates have been steadily declining. I have a life here with a job and boyfriend that I love and don’t want to leave. I’m creating anxiety in how I’m looking at this, and hoping for help coming up with some thoughts to try on to look at it differently in an intentional model:

Unintentional Model:
C- Submitted visa renewal application
T – My application isn’t going to get approved because of increased scrutiny
F – Anxious
A – Use mental energy creating backup plans and scenarios for when it gets denied to try and feel more in control
R – Mentally exhausted and producing more anxiety

Intentional Model:
C- Submitted visa renewal application
T –
F – Centered
A – Live my life and be grateful of what I currently have in the moment
R – Use my mental energy on the areas in my life I want to grow

I also notice in the A line of my unintentional model that I’m trying to create back-up plans for the visa denial scenario so I can feel more in control and less vulnerable. Brene Brown’s teachings on vulnerability resonate for me here – the willingness to feel vulnerable is something I’ve always struggled with. Aside from the fact that we need to be willing and able to feel any emotion including vulnerability, do you have any thoughts on vulnerability and why this is such a difficult state for us to be in?