Waiting For The Right Thoughts To Take Action

I joined two months ago and have been following Brooke’s podcast for two years and know the Model very well.

As I am attempting to use the Stop Overeating course in order to lose 30 pounds, I’ve noticed that I may be missing something in the process.

Here’s what the past month looked like for me:

— I watched the entire course and did the workbook.
— I created myself a protocol, including intermittent fasting window.
— I wrote a list of Focus Thoughts and a list of Error Thoughts.
— I know exactly when my urges show up (every single morning).
— I am extremely familiar with my brain’s excuses everyday to get what it wants.

What also happened over the past month is this:

— I write a food plan for the following day.
— When I go to sleep I already foresee the urge to eat that I will have in the morning and the deprivation I will feel.
— I also have thoughts that tell me – “You’re not going to be able to stick to this morning fast…”
— I wake up at night, worrying about the upcoming urge in a few hours when the morning will arrive.
— Then, when it’s time to get up, sure enough, the urge comes, and I am unable to clean my brain to be squeaky clean and think differently about my decision to fast until noon.
— And then I go and eat.

My Morning Models:

C = Morning Fasting Protocol
T = You’re not going to stick to it
F = Doubt
A = Overeat
R = I am not sticking to it, I overeat, I gain weight

C = Morning Fasting Protocol
T = I don’t feel like following my plan
F = Unmotivated
A = Overeat
R = I don’t follow my plan, I overeat, I gain weight

C = Morning Fasting Protocol
T = I wish I had thoughts that would encourage me to stick to my plan
F = Frustrated
A = Post on Ask A Coach, run models, look for a new program, watch videos again, overeat
R = I don’t follow my plan, I overeat, I gain weight, I seek answers

I tried to change these thoughts in the moment to one of these and none of them stuck with me and my brain kept rejecting them:

I absolutely love my fasting window / I enjoy fasting / Fasting makes me beautiful / I enjoy following my plan / I can stick to my plan / In a month I will be grateful that I’ve fasted

Here’s what I don’t get:

If we will always act from our thoughts, the way I understand it is that as long as my brain still wants to overeat in the morning, as long as that thought “I want it” is there, then I am screwed?

If I don’t have the ability to squeaky clean the brain and only have beautiful thoughts that are motivated about my upcoming fast window, I will never be able to follow the plan?

I know that Corinne, for example, sometimes talks about acting sometimes even if you think that you don’t feel like it.

So how does a Model that has “I don’t feel like following my plan” ends up with an Action of – I follow my plan?