WANT to Feel & Believe I’m organized so I Practice it?

I’m feeling guilty. I’m disorganized instead of cherishing and honoring my self/work/product. My last two trainings the clients have not received their Zoom recordings, my 8 week session clients I just sent them last week’s session an hour before starting with them, and I feel guilty, embarrassed deep thoughts of disorganization is ruining my belief and the way I show up.

I feel scattered, disorganized and can’t remember what my clients are working on as I’m traveling and not watching the recordings either.

C Coaching a disorganized mess
T I’m cluttered in business, body & home
F Crowded
A Eat, buffer, distract by reading/coaching, consuming, blame self instead of praise, don’t thought download because there are journals everywhere, think I have ADHD
R Second guess my capabilities, fret

C My business
T I’m a heavyweight (powerful in control of my decisions and plan ahead)
F Solid
A Thought download, do Monday Hour and stick to a plan, work with a coach or study vault on organizing
R Trust myself

I am capable and organized…
I offer a great value
I’m holding space for my clients
I value myself, my work and others? By x,y,z actions?