Want to start Coaching Program this year

Hi Brooke,

I’m looking at my thoughts around my ability to start coaching school in October. I don’t have anything close to that amount of money saved, my credit only goes to 10,000, and part of me feels like maybe I should start with saving as much as I can first. I’m just excited and would like to start now! I thought about taking a loan out as well. I have faith in my ability to pay off the amount once I start my coaching career. I’m already enrolled in self-coaching and have committed to it.

Here are some of my thoughts that I would love some coaching on:
I don’t want to put myself in debt.
Maybe I should practice saving the money first.
How can I come up with 3,000 a month for 6 months?
I’m ready for a new career and want to get to work on something new and challenging!
Maybe its better to wait for next year and do the model work to build my worthiness/self-confidence.
Sometimes you’ve gotta take a risk to get the result you want in life.
Im feeling torn between financial practicality, logic, and the desire to take a risk and be brave with my money.
I resonate with Brooke and what she provides, to me its priceless.
What if I fail and self-sabotage, like I have with some of the other things I’ve set out to do and then I’m left in debt??

These are a mix of positive and negative thoughts. I will do models on the ones that I feel don’t resonate with the result I would like.

So glad I get to share with you.