Wanting a baby when partner doesn’t

Hey Brooke,

I was coached at the start of this month by you and you helped me sooo much.

I submitted a question in ‘ask Brooke’ on scholars but didn’t get a reply, and I submitted to get coached this morning but didn’t get picked.

I was hoping to get some help with self- coaching with another issue in my life causing a lot of strain on my current relationship with my partner.

The issue is: my partner is not ready to have children and does not know when he will be ready.

I am ready to have children now and I want to go off birth control at the beginning of next year and see if we can fall pregnant.

My partner does not want me to go off birth control. He does not want to have kids yet.

We cannot come to an agreement and I find myself thinking negative thoughts and therefore feeling resentful towards him, even though I know I cannot change his thoughts and I shouldn’t want to change his core values and beliefs (which is feeling financial stable and ready to have children).

The reason I really want to be a mum is because I want that special bond of mother and child and I want to feel that biological, primal, ‘nothing else compares’ kind of love. I just really want to be a mum.

So the C line is – partner does not want kids yet

The R is – no kids, fighting about the fact we want different things in this point of our lives.

The R I want is- having a baby next year