wanting to love my work

Hi Brooke,

Can you help me get clarity on an issue with my work? I’m an artist working on a 3-month project that is almost near completion. I have enthusiasm towards my work and process. But I also struggle with deep disappointment about my work within the process. I feel disappointment in how it looks, and can’t always gauge or trust this feeling. This is an unwanted feeling, and does not serve me and my purpose. This leads me to doubt myself as I get closer to completing my goals. In the past I’ve often allowed this feeling to help navigate my path, but lately it just seems negative and unproductive.

I want my main goal to be that I love my work. Is there a better model for this goal? To love my work not only in the making of it but in how it looks too. Can you help me with this and am I missing a step?

C my art project
T what if I can’t make this happen?
F fear
A do the work anyway
R steps closer to my goal

C my artwork
T I have faith in my work and want to love it
F creative confidence
A work with efficiency and according to my calendar
R I love my work