Watching how the mind works

Yesterday I sat with a friend who’s watching my coach journey and they said they listened to your podcast and said it was all basically just CBT and that they would do a more technical style of coaching that they got from a career counsellor instead and I was like ‘sure if a more technical approach appeals to you then that’s exactly what you should go for.’ I then said ‘everything seems like CBT or RBT because all types of thought work work, when you work them.’ I was pretty relaxed about it and they were waiting for my defence of the approach I’ve chosen. The thing is I could see how the shiny new thing (not boring old thought work ) or the most technical thing (lots of worksheets and PhDs) are very appealing to people, but I notice my friend isn’t actually doing any CBT on themselves or following through on the career coaching.It’s like when our kids say they are bored and they have a room stuffed full of toys. My new post it is ‘pick and stick’. Like you say, LOVE the humans! Thanks so much Brooke.