Way behind on the materials and not sure what to do

Dear Brooke,

I started the Stop Overdrinking program in February. It took me awhile to figure out that the SO program is integrated with self-coaching and the overeating programs. I got behind pretty much from the beginning. I am a scientist – so I have a lab to run, people to manage, teaching, and writing. I have learned a lot from the self-coaching materials I have been able to cover, but it’s hard to work the whole program. I feel like it’s just building up and looming over me.

Overall, I am drinking less, but it seems that whatever my drink plan is, I have one more drink. Also, I had some tough times. I was on a good roll with SO, but then my brother died. There have also been good times, like my stepdaughter’s marriage and all the festivities around it. I actually tend not to drink too much during those times, good or bad, but I also don’t make a drink plan and get out of the habit. My real goal is to drink less – my life is pretty great otherwise (aside from people dying).

Do you have any advice for getting back on track with the SO program and for not feeling guilty about all the materials I am ignoring?


Rebecca Burwell