Webinar #997227616

Is there someway in which I could view that webinar again? How can I login in? I have been able to login through an email from Zaida Deltoro using my email address and the I D, which I was given. I was able to watch the videos with some difficulty which came with the bonus box. The computer tells me that I might not have the correct codecs on my desk top. Would someone be able to help me with that? I have tried two times to send an email to Erica, but both times they came back to me. I just now found this sight today in the late afternoon.
About relationships. Starting a new relationship with another lady which I just met. I was wondering if I could use her as one of the four people? I don’t have much of a social life to be able to have four people for this month. I will do my best to have four people. There possibly are two ladies from work, which I know, but don’t know them that well to be able to do a whole week about them.