Website Structure (for Coaching Business)

Hi Brooke,
I’m developing my website to support my coaching business focused on helping high-achieving men solve their anger problems. I am confident in my definition of my niche, and I have developed a program and a freebie.
As it stands now, my website structure is more or less according to the one you describe in the HTBLC podcast, with a static Home page, About, and Work with Me, plus a Blog page and individual posts.
Between the three pages, I have some good compelling writing that articulates the potential clients’ problem, presents benefits, describes who I am and why I’m offering this solution. However the more I try to refine it, the more it seems that these 3 pages have a lot of overlap. I’m thinking of consolidating the pages. One approach would be to have a Home page, quite sales oriented and also covering the content of the About page, and a Work With Me page, which describes my process, would be less sales oriented, and would have the CTA for a mini-session.

In principle what are your thoughts on deviating in this way from the ‘standard’ Home/About/Work structure for a new coach, especially one not having much free content (i.e. blog posts, podcasts, etc) yet?