Week 2, page 19

Week 2, page 19 has me crazy.

I dont understand where these questions are leading.

Whar is your current painful thought?
Ive been trying to lose weight for 25 years something is wrong with me. I cant do this. I cant stick to any plan. Ive become lazy. I should have lost my weight by now.

Why am i choosing to believe these thoughts?
Its easier to believe these thoughts and stay fat then do the hard work to change my life.

Is there any part of these thoughts that are factual?
Yes. All of them. Clearly lazy if i cant do the work to lose the weight. So indecisive, change my protocol every few days.

What part of this thought is my opinion?
I have formed an opinion, yes. But my opinion has been formed by 25 years of evidence.

Where do i go from here because the rest of the questions feel like i cant answer because im stuck in “facts”.