Weekend protocol is loosey goosey – gain weight back :/

My question pertains to this month’s work: I’ve decided to make my goal for this month to constrain and focus to finally reach my goal weight of 138 by October 1st. Not a crazy goal, considering it’s only about 8 pounds, and even crazier … I’ve been with Scholars since July 1, and I’ve been trying since then with very little to show for it. My primitive brain wins every time!

I do great Monday through Friday because I work for myself, so there’s very little that interferes with my schedule. I’m very disciplined, and I keep my work environment very controlled. I allow nothing to interfere with what is on my protocol or schedule throughout the day. I see some wins on the scale and drop about 2-3 pounds each week, only to self-sabotage and put that weight back on my ass over the weekend.

When I leave my controlled M-F environment, it’s like going out into the wild. It’s in these seemingly “spontaneous moments” that I’m so fearful and can’t trust myself. How can I train my brain so I’m really OK with the restlessness, and know that the satisfaction of reaching my goal is WAAAAAY sweeter than the quick hit of a scoop of ice cream? My primitive brain says, “move over pre-frontal, I’m taking the wheel.” I allow the sense of confidence from losing a few pounds to justify that’s it’s OK to be a little loosey-goosey with my protocol on the weekend, even with exceptions built in. My commitment to allow my urges and sit with my emotions is conditional.

So here’s my question: How can I “get over that weekend fence?” In the moment, my primitive brain is so strong and always wins. I try to remind myself that the more I allow urges, the more I will decondition them. I have index cards, sticky notes, and other “tools” to try and help me, but when the weekend rolls around, it pretty much all goes out the window.

Thanks for the help!