Weighing Food and Myself

I’m new to Scholars, currently working my way through the Overeating Workshop first. I’m following the rules. Though, I haven’t started and feel I’m resisting measuring food. First, I feel silly but I’m confused on the “how.” It seems difficult to do logistically (especially after it’s cooked and all mixed together, e.g. last night I made zucchini noodles with pesto, tomatoes and shrimp and parm sprinkled on top). When and how do I measure that? Pick the shrimp out separately? How much oil do I use and how much was in the pesto? No idea!

Next, am I going to be that person that weighs their food to be skinny? Also, what do I do when I am not at home? It’s been a real effort to shop and prepare my food (and extra for my family too) whereas before I would eat whatever our nanny prepared for the kids. Now, I also have to weigh it? I can sort of understand for protein and fat, but why weigh veggies? Why can’t I have unlimited veggies?

Finally, I’ve been weighing myself daily out of curiosity and there is some significant fluctuation. I don’t know what to think about it. But I think it means I need to do something different in my protocol. I have a tutoring call scheduled with Pat in a week.