Weight disappointment

am so disappointed, i am stuck on the last 20-25 lbs for the past 3-4 months. I feel that ive worked out the most and eaten the healthiest in many years.
But i guess body/metabolism changes w time.
My main excuse has been breastfeeing. Ive been pregnant or breastfeeding for past 3 years. And ive eaten what i’ve liked. About 2 years ago, i was drinking soda daily! That is out now, very rare, maybe once every couple of months. No juices. Biggest “bad” drink is coffee w cream and or sugar sometimes. Use honey as substitute sometimes.
Eating, carbs has been my weakness, felt a drop in supply w decrease carbs, but w my first, i was having 1-2 bagels daily!! And bread again, alot. Now, most is 2 slices of bread, certain days. My highest weight was 176, and ive been at 144-148 now. I guese, i was hoping that once i let go of the big things like soda, bagels, itll drop quick. My son is now 11 months old. Hoping to stop breastfeeding in a month. But nervous that this might not help either. And oh, for past about 2 montha, ive also done IF w ~8hour window, when little one was doing much better w solids.