Weight Loss Question

I started losing weight with Brooke on January 1. The first month I lost 7 pounds, since then my weight lost has been less than 1 pound per week. I would like to lose a little faster.

I am 59. I have a total of 70 pounds to lose. I have lost 16 pounds to date, so only 54 to go.

I have watched all the videos. I watch the monthly weight loss videos and ask questions.

I have worked with a tutor.

I’ve been working on weight loss with a coach for 5 weeks. I have been following her suggestions to stick to my protocol and keep my thoughts as clean as I can.

I follow my protocol.

I do not eat sugar except for a joy each once a week. I do not eat flour in any form even for a joy eat.

My husband has been doing this with me – he lost 20 pounds and reached his goal weight two months ago.

I do not snack

I do daily thought downloads.

I am not hungry or over desire foods

I do not have trouble following my protocol.

I did not exercise in January, February or March. I started light intensity exercising 5x a week for 30-45 minutes in April because it makes me feel better. (I exercise for my mental health)

I use intermittant fasting. My eating window is between 11 am and 7 pm and I have a 24 hour fast once a week. My only exception is that I have a medication that I have to take in the morning with food. I eat .5 ounce of cream cheese with the medication. (One of the side effects of the medication is weight gain, I don’t know if that means anything)

I write everything down. I have slightly altered my protocol each month after observing what works and what isn’t working. I was using 2 24 hour fasts a week and continually trying to reduce how much food satisfied me. Now I only fast once a week and I try to eat all the food that I planned to eat.

After losing virtually no weight in March, I 10x my effort in April and lost 3 pounds.

I have learned so much about myself and how I think and I am so grateful for this process and I am all in.

I would like to lose weight a little faster but I don’t know what to try next. I think that there must be something I could do differently to increase the amount of weight loss. Any ideas?