weird relationship with self and my art

I was reading a book that posed the question: “I don’t feel as if my work contributes anything to the world” True or False?? I realized that I actually feel like that is true. I’m painting and have my whole life. I am taking many classes from others. I value art and other people’s art, but I still came up with “True.” Can you help me with this? I feel like it’s at the crux of why I don’t feel successful and am not contributing more to the world. I have had people tell me that they feel joy whenever they see my work (that they bought) and that it makes them happy (in their homes). I know this is illogical and not self loving but for some reason, it is how I feel. So is it:
C: I answered the question True
T: Why do I feel this way? It’s illogical.
F: I feel sad and less motivated to make/market my work.
A: So I do less. And get distracted. But I still do plenty!
R: It is a self fulfilling prophecy.
And now what? I know it’s a weird illogical thought but I still have it. It’s not what I choose to believe…it just feels true for me. If it is a choice, how do I choose otherwise?