what about when it is your only daughter

i am listening to your June 14th coaching call. i am forgetting the woman’s name but she is in Poland and is struggling with the relationship she does not have but wants to have with a friend that she lived with for three years. The friend is essentially rejecting her and will not call her . She is very hurt and you are telling her to provide that love and compassion to herself. I am in a similar situation but it is with my only daughter who is 25. I still support her financially and i feel very resentful because of the way she treats me. does not answer my calls, texts. I am profoundly hurt. somehow when it is your daughter it is even harder to let go. i have been working on unconditional love but i get caught up. i really want to be coached personally but so far the timing of . your calls as consistently interfered with my work hours. thank you !