What do I do when a client cries?

I am not trained yet, but have coached a couple people at work who have expressed interest in getting coaching. I don’t know what to do when someone starts to cry – it is usually when we are talking through a model and getting to the thought or feeling behind something. I don’t know what to do when it happens! I know what is comfortable as a friend/manager but am lost when I’m thinking of it as a coaching situation. I stop and get them a tissue and give them some gentle space, reassurance that it’s OK to cry, but then I’m not sure what to say or how to proceed with the conversation.

I was considering not “coaching” people at work until I was trained, but I feel like my coaching is valuable even now and got a couple more requests to do the program I designed, so would like to continue with it and then eventually get formally trained – maybe next year.

Also one of the people I’m starting to coach this week is senior to me at work (her boss is my boss’s boss) and I’m freaking out about coaching her because she is a higher level at work than I am. Of course I’m worried that I will totally fail and humiliate myself, so I suppose coaching her will work as my dare for that day…

Thank you!