What Do I Want to Accomplish In This Area, And By When?

In August homework, when you ask this question – What do I want to accomplish in this area, and by when? is the accomplishment should be fulfilled by that month?

If I, for example, want to be an example of what is possible as a bestselling author, there are many things I want to accomplish on the way, such as:
1. Write the best book I can write.
2. Write another one.
3. Get a literary agent to represent me.
4. Publish my book.
5. Travel and be interviewed about my book.
6. Earn money as a bestselling author.

Of course, I wrote them in order of appearance. I have to get them done in this order, or at the very least, write the best book I can write to begin with.

Do I then answer the above question with each of these things and put a ‘by when?’ to it?