What Do You Say at Parties?

Hey Brooke! So tonight – I went to a “Beer, Wine, and Cocktails with Friends” party with my partner and it was fun. Lots of alcohol (as you can tell by the very specific title our friends gave the party). So… I was asked “What do you do”… and since I’m now seriously thinking about coaching guys to stop drinking – I thought I’d try on that answer. So I said “Well, I used to market stuff on the Internet – but now I’m moving into coaching people on how to stop drinking”. From the looks on their faces, you’d think I’d said “I eat kittens”. They immediately said “Oh, well you know we don’t usually drink this much…” and I had to say “Oh, no, no. I think drinking is great. I’ve got nothing against drinking. I’m just going to help people who want to stop, stop.” It was a tad awkward. (Fortunately, I’m very comfortable now with awkward. It’s one of my “willing to feel” emotions.)

So… what do you tell people you do at parties and whatnot? What I used to do was virtually impossible to describe … and now I’m freaking people out. Any ideas on this?

(By the way, if your answer is “So what if people freak out?” – I’ve thought about that and I’m okay with it. I just didn’t know if you had a go-to answer like “Life Coach” or “Coach” or “I help people with their problems”… or you just said “I eat kittens” or what.)

P.S. AFTER that, they asked what I did to stay so trim. I said, “Oh, I just eat right” (not wanting to get into it all). They asked “like what?”… so I said… “Well… No sugar, no flour. I intermittent fast – where I just eat between noon and 8. Two meals, no snacks, mainly chicken, veggies, and a bit of fat.” Again… shocked looks. Afterwards, my partner laughed and said, “I don’t think they’re ready for all of your Brooke stuff yet.” LOL. I didn’t know what else to answer with. I know this stuff may not be the “norm”, but they did ask. 😉