What do you think is fueling your weight loss efforts? pt 2

Thank you for your response to my last question about whether it’s wrong or unhealthy to want to lose weight.

You suggested that I think about what is fueling my weight loss efforts. There are numerous things.

I want to look my best
I want to feel my best

Actually, I think that’s mainly it.

I think I get a bit tripped up because I have such self loathing about my body, and feel SO uncomfortable I can hardly stand it. I’d like to be able to approach this more from a place of love, rather than trying to desperately get out of the place of self-hatred, but I don’t think it’s something I’ve ever done before. I’ve lost weight before but never out of love for myself, and it’s always been out of some kind of ‘punishment’. Let me look at a couple models…

C I feel very uncomfortable in my body
T You should accept your body as it is no matter whether it’s big or small or uncomfortable or comfortable
F Hopeless
A Ruminate, try to figure out how to be comfortable when I’m not, research how to love my body as it is, basically spin around in my head
R My result is that my body continues to deteriorate and I do nothing.

Okay, but to look at this from an extreme perspective – if I had a broken leg, I could accept that I have a broken leg. It doesn’t mean I won’t get the bone reset or wear a cast.

Back to the models:

C I feel very uncomfortable in my body
T You can totally fix this
F Motivated (for a short time)
A Make a plan, don’t follow through on it when it gets difficult
R Ensure I always have something to fix

So, this is not an empowering thought for me, personally.

I’m having some challenges coming up with new thoughts. This whole body positivity movement has me feeling like I shouldn’t try to change my body!

C Body positive movement says I shouldn’t try to change my body
T I’m so conflicted
F Frustrated
A Ruminate aka Do nothing
R Remain conflicted

Okay, so that’s not a helpful thought either.

So, I think the real question is: “How do I remain body positive and still lose weight?” or “How can I accept myself as I am, and still lose weight?” Like, what would this ACTUALLY look like?